Alberta’s Chief Firearms Officer, Teri Bryant has sent a letter to the Federal Minister of Public Safety regarding the ban of over 1,500 types of firearms. The 'Assault Style' firearms ban was brought forth from the Federal Government in May of 2020 and recently extended to October of next year. 

“It is alarming that no evidence has been adduced to justify the arbitrary selection of the firearms on the list. Prohibiting specific types of firearms is an approach that has proven ineffective in improving public safety. It is time to focus on what does work, the diligent pursuit and prosecution of criminals and those putting firearms into their hands,” said Bryant in her letter.

She believes the Canadian Firearms Program already ensures that firearm owners are responsible. However, Bryant remains concerned about how criminals are getting their firearms and would like to see the Federal Government address it with an improved approach. 

Bryant is also concerned by the process of seizing the outlawed firearms. She suggests that some of the guns in question are historical artifacts or may have sentimental value to some lawful owners.

“Requiring mandatory confiscation or deactivation represents an unacceptable intrusion into the personal lives of Albertans and other Canadians and a serious infringement on their property rights. Owners of the affected firearms acquired them in full conformity with the law at the time. They have not done anything wrong, yet they are to be forcibly deprived of their property or forced to effectively render it useless through compulsory deactivation.”

She suggests other measures could be used to if the goal of the ban is to ensure public safety.

“Such alternative measures would include better identification, tracking and prosecution of firearms traffickers, providing effective deterrence to those who misuse firearms, offering alternatives to the destructive gang lifestyle, and addressing the drug addiction that is destroying so many young lives.”

Bryant calls on the Federal Government to cancel the order prohibitions of May 1, 2020.

You can read the full letter here.