With Winter back in full force, it's a good reminder to make certain that you have everything needed for cold weather driving.

Often we forget to put an emergency pack each of our vehicles until it's too late.

Here is a list of some recommended items if you are travelling this Winter.

  • booster cables
  • extra winter clothing (enough for each member travelling in your vehicle)
  • blankets
  • a flashlight with extra batteries
  • non perishable food items such as protein bars and trail mix
  • candles with matches
  • a reflective vest (in case you need to walk)
  • multi-purpose tools
  • an extra charger for your phones
  • fire extinguisher
  • emergency phone numbers
  • cat litter or sand for traction if you get stuck
  • extra windshield wiper fluid
  • shovel
  • bottled water

If you plan on travelling far distances, it's a good idea to give your itinerary to a friend or relative so they will know what time to expect your arrival.

photo of bad roads