Chinook’s Edge is pleased to welcome Nadeem Altaf as Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer. Altaf joined Chinook’s Edge late in the spring of 2023, coming from Buffalo Trail Public Schools in Wainwright.  

 “Nadeem has a proven track record where he has demonstrated that he has a high level of skill in his field of accounting,” said Kurt Sacher, Superintendent, Chinook’s Edge School Division. “ 

Nadeem’s interpersonal skills are very much appreciated and he adds to it all with a significant background in solving complex problems using technology. Nadeem was very successful as the Corporate Secretary for Buffalo Trail Public Schools. In addition to significant experience overseeing finance and payroll, Nadeem has a diverse background in supporting the work in areas such as facilities and maintenance, transportation and technology. His leadership is well respected and we look forward to working with him,” said Sacher. 

“I am grateful and feel enthusiastic about joining the Chinook’s Edge team,” said Nadeem Altaf. “I believe in the power of education and the critical role that school boards play in shaping the future of our communities. After researching Chinook’s Edge and learning about its commitment to providing high-quality education and support to students, I was deeply impressed. It’s an honor to be entrusted with the financial stewardship of an organization dedicated to providing quality education to our students.”  

Nadeem sees four priorities in his work over the next few years:  

  • Ensuring long-term financial sustainability, including developing and implementing financial strategies that align with the goals of Chinook’s Edge and that maintain fiscal responsibility  
  • Effective budget management - optimizing budgeting processes with prudent allocation of resources and transparent reporting and communication with stakeholders  
  • Data driven decision making - to provide timely and accurate financial information to stakeholders  
  • Resource allocation through collaboration with educational leaders to ensure resources are used to achieve the division’s educational priorities.  

Nadeem said, “I am committed to open communication and collaboration. There is power in collaboration, and financial success is a collective effort. Also, I believe that financial transparency is essential in building trust and confidence among our staff, parents, and the wider community.” 

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