The Chinook’s Edge School board recognized Associate Superintendent Ray Hoppins for his contributions to student success with the Roy E. Cope Award.  

Hoppins has been an educator for 32 years, working as a teacher, vice principal, division principal, and since 2011, the Associate Superintendent.  

“Ray’s work has been felt throughout the division. Ray created efficient processes for new hires and transferring staff that take care of our people. He developed Aspiring Leaders and Developing Leaders, which has strengthened our up-and-coming and new leaders. Ray is highly respected throughout the province for the way he approaches People Services work,” Superintendent Kurt Sacher. “Ray’s system-wide impact is deeply respected within the division, as well, because of the way he works with individual staff members. Ray treats everyone the way he would want a family member to be treated. He helps our people get to healthy places so that they can be their best when working with students."  

When Hoppins found out about the recognition, it was an emotional moment.   

“It’s a pretty special thing. Thinking about my time in Chinook’s Edge prompted so many flashbacks of fond memories and positive experiences here,” Hoppins said. “Chinook’s Edge has been and is my home.”  

Hoppins first decided to pursue a career in education, after a summer job during his university years, where he helped to run 4-H youth camps.  

“I knew then, that if there could be a career interacting with youth it would bring me joy and meaning. So, that’s where it started,” Hoppins said.  

He added that a highlight of his career has been watching students succeed.   

“It brings me great pride to see children grow and live happy lives. I love bumping into former students. I see them regularly, and when we talk, it's great to know they are paying it forward. It's incredibly rewarding,” he said.