Lacombe City Council approved an updated Traffic Bylaw to improve the safety and efficiency of traffic within the municipality.  

The Bylaw updates and consolidates key aspects of traffic management in Lacombe, including private parking enforcement, formalizing the use of road use permits, fine payment incentives, and updated wording to clarify ambiguous text within existing legislation.  

“City Council has approved the new Traffic Bylaw, making our roads safer for everyone,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “This Bylaw reflects our commitment to improving the quality of life in Lacombe by addressing traffic management issues such as private parking enforcement, road use permits, fine payment incentives, and clear wording. We believe this Bylaw will further advance our vision of a vibrant, prosperous, and connected community."  

Some of the key changes in the proposed bylaw are:  

Private parking enforcement  

The bylaw allows businesses and organizations to enforce parking violations on private property.  

Road use permits  

The bylaw formalizes the use of the City’s Road Use Permit program, which requires advanced notice and information on road work projects that impact commuters, businesses, and residents.  

Fine payment incentives  

Commuters with traffic violations can pay half the fine in ten days rather than the total amount afterwards. If the fine is not paid in 21 days, the ticket becomes a Provincial violation. This system encourages quick payments and may reduce paperwork for Officers.  

Updated wording

The Bylaw clarifies key terms, including definitions for items like:  

  • Commercial Vehicles, Special Events, Obstruction and Short-Duration.  
  • Bicycles, Leisure Vehicles, and Mobility Aids are also defined to distinguish different personal travel devices.  
  • Mobile Vending Units and Canteens, Pushcart Vending Units, and Off Highway Vehicles are identified by referring to other Bylaws or Acts.  

The Bylaw is available here.