At the Feb. 15 Wolf Creek Public Schools Board Meeting some of the topics discussed included the Draft AI Administrative Procedure and Guiding Document, and a Success Coach Update. 

Here are the highlights of the meeting: 


Draft AI Administrative Procedure and Guiding Document 

The Board discussed the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms into educational settings, acknowledging both the potential benefits and necessary precautions. Under the leadership of Greg Esteves, the Director of Technology Integration, a draft Administrative Procedure and Guiding Document is in development. This document is currently being reviewed by the Administration Association and will be disseminated widely once finalized. Additionally, a webinar is planned before the spring break to inform and engage parents interested in understanding more about AI's role and impact in education. 


Success Coach Update 

The Board was presented with a comprehensive update on the Indigenous Education and Reconciliation initiatives within Wolf Creek Public Schools. It detailed the roles of the Indigenous Student Success Coach and the Literacy Support Program, alongside new curriculum supports, professional development for staff, and the incorporation of Cree language and culture into school environments. Success stories and ongoing challenges were shared, emphasizing the program's holistic approach to student support, encompassing emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. 


Summit in Dubai 

The Board received a report regarding École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School teacher Steven Schultz and student Sarah Thornhill’s attendance at COPS28 Climate Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Thornhill explained how she received an invitation to the summit, following her two-year contribution to writing a paper for the group #DeCarbonize.  


Board Budget Priorities 

The Board of Trustees established the 2024/2025 Board Budget Priorities: 

1. Ensure the overall well being of students and staff remains a high priority. 

2. Achieve a balanced budget yet ensure there is a balanced approach. 

3. Classroom teachers and educational assistants are to remain a high priority to support students and must be maintained at the highest level the budget can accommodate. 

4. Ensure the Assurance Plan remains at the forefront in budget deliberations and decisions. 

5. Maintain an emphasis on professional development ensuring district expertise is leveraged.  


EA Internship Program and the RDP EA Certificate Program Pilot 

The Board of Trustees received a report that the Education Services Team at Wolf Creek Public Schools has initiated two professional development programs for Educational Assistants (EAs) — the EA Internship Program and the RDP EA Certificate Program Pilot. The former, in collaboration with Alberta Education and Edmonton Public Schools, involves 24 participants in a four-month, seven-module virtual training focusing on supporting students with complex needs and other challenges. The latter, in partnership with Red Deer Polytechnic, offers EAs a chance to complete their certification at no cost, featuring a curriculum that runs from February to December 2024, including a 45-hour field experience.