Thanks to many kind community donations, the Lacombe and District Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) will be able to offer a Spring Fill A Fridge. The Fill A Fridge program is typically held during the holiday season but due to many generous donations for the last two years, the Lacombe FCSS has been able to put on a spring edition of the event in time for Easter.  

“We are accepting applications right now and you can do that online, or here at the office. On our website there's an application form and that's open right now. We close that on April 3rd. Then the vouchers will go out April 4th to 6th. They'll have the opportunity to go shopping at any of our grocery stores in Lacombe for the Easter weekend,” said Wendy Griffin, Community Projects Coordinator with the Lacombe FCSS.  

There are some income requirements to take part in the program.  

“For a single person, they have to make less than $23,000 a year, and then it just goes up with that you know with children, or couples with children, and stuff like that. The income thresholds are listed on our website as well with the application forms,” added Griffin.  

Although need is going up, the Lacombe FCSS is thankful for all the donations they been receiving to keep the program going.  

“We're so grateful to have the Community support us and all of the programs that we offer. They never seem to disappoint us or let us down with any donations and stuff like that. We're very grateful,” said Griffin.  

During the holiday season, the Lacombe FCSS helped fill the fridge for over 320 families. They gave out over $60,000 in gift cards for local grocery stores in the area.  

For more information on the Fill A Fridge Program and how you can donate or take part, click here.