A local man from Lacombe has found a new way to serve potatoes, but here's the catch, you don't eat them.  

Instead TaterGrams Canada lets you send greetings to your friends and family by writing it on a potato and sending it wherever you'd like.

I only have eyes for you and you're such a spud are only a couple of the messages you can customize on your very own potato canvas.

Founder Wayne Rempel said the idea came to mind after a quick search on Google.

“I googled funny and crazy home based businesses and this company in the United States popped up. I thought well, there must be someone in Canada doing it, but I found out there was no one else doing it and I thought well maybe I should.”

Rempel added since its launch last Friday, he's filled around 70 orders and even caught national attention.

“We’re starting to send potatoes out as far as Ontario and it’s kind of funny actually, I didn’t think it would be what it is. I thought I would do this business for the fun factor and at the end of the month take my wife out for a nice dinner. Maybe because it’s so unique or something so weird and crazy, it’s just taken off.”

The spuds start around ten dollars and add-ons including pictures, stickers, jewels and googly eyes are available for an additional cost.

“If you want your potato to travel in style you can upgrade to a nice little box. If you want that box to be wrapped you can choose the theme, whether it’s a birthday, for Christmas or something romantic. You can even add things like it’s a boy or it’s a girl, if you have a baby and want to make an announcement,” Rempel said. 

All potatoes are locally grown and for every purchase made now until Dec. 24, one dollar will be given to the food bank where the order originated.

For more information visit www.tatergrams.com.