The Lacombe and District Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of Lacombe (BGC) are working to spread kindness through the community during February. 

The two organizations launched the Lacombe Kindness Campaign Thursday (Feb.1) afternoon with a ribbon cutting outside of the Lacombe Memorial Centre, and are now encouraging residents and local businesses to show kindness in the community. 

Crystal Zens, Executive Director of the Lacombe FCSS explained that through the campaign local businesses can feature pink decorations to spread awareness or put their own spin on how to promote kindness in the community.  

“A lot of businesses create pink milkshakes and pink doughnuts, and all sorts of fun things to promote kindness in our community,” Zens said. 

Last year, 68 businesses promoted the Kindness Campaign, this year, 52 businesses have already joined. 

Grant Creasey, Mayor of the City of Lacombe said, “The Kindness campaign is a terrific campaign for our entire community as headed up and implemented by Crystal and her crew at FCSS.” 

Last year, the FCSS teamed up with BGC of Lacombe to spread advocacy for youth programming, and celebrate anti-bullying day in Canada, Pink Shirt Day which is typically held on February 28th and is widely celebrated at local schools. 

Without the support of residents and the business community, the campaign wouldn’t be possible. 

“It's amazing to see all the various ways that they choose to spread kindness across the community,” Creasey said. “It's just a great thing to see in the community.”