One mother and daughter duo from Lacombe are hoping to highlight the challenges that come with mobility in the winter. While out for a walk with her family, 10-year-old Anna Elder who uses a wheelchair was finding it hard to keep up with her family due to some deep ruts on a snow-covered sidewalk. Her mother, Emily Elder recorded Anna’s struggles and together they put out a friendly public service announcement on a local community page on social media.   

“I have to say that most people are pretty good at it our area, anyways. It was definitely not a problem all the way. It was just in random spots but for example, the spot that we were in was frozen with big ruts where people have walked with their footsteps. If I wasn't there, she couldn't do it on her own,” said Emily.  

“Even if it's just a small area, she can't be on her own and she gets stuck in those kinds of places. I'm sure it's hard for other people as well,” she added.  

For Emily and Anna winter is always a concern when it comes to getting around. Something simple like shoveling the sidewalk can eliminate a lot of stress. In the winter, Emily says Anna usually has someone along with her to help her out but that may not always be the case in the future.  

“Sometimes, [I think] it would probably be a problem when I’m a bit older and I go out places by myself,” said Anna.  

At school, Anna says other students sometimes help her out if she needs it.  

The video posted to Facebook saw over 100 likes. Emily stressed that the post was not meant to point fingers at any home owners but was meant as a friendly reminder of why it is so important. 

“I think if we just kind of post it as like ‘hey everyone, clear your sidewalks’ it might not be impactful but I think just seeing someone actually struggling with it in a wheelchair made a difference,” said Emily.  

“I think so too,” agreed Anna.  

You can view the their video here.