On Feb. 14, 2023, at 8:14 p.m., Ponoka RCMP received a report that someone was threating to bring a firearm to school. RCMP believed that the threat was made against the Ponoka Secondary Campus.  Ponoka RCMP deployed additional officers to investigate the offence and to evaluate the veracity of the threat.

RCMP were informed by School officials that classes at the Ponoka Secondary Campus had been cancelled for today.

As a result of the investigation, RCMP have determined that the threats originally reported had been taken out of context. RCMP have followed up with the originator of the threat and determined that no offence has been committed and there is no threat to the community.

“The RCMP takes any threat to the safety of students and schools very seriously.” says Sgt. Erin St-Cyr of the Ponoka RCMP,” There will always be a thorough investigation processes to ensure a community’s safety and mental wellbeing.”

Ponoka RCMP would like to thank the school administration, students, and parents for their support and patience during this incident.