The Red Deer Food Bank’s culinary team is preparing daily meals for a new Meals on Wheels partnership.  

Through the new program, the Red Deer Food Bank provides and prepares food for Meals on Wheels.  

Mitch Thompson, Red Deer Food Bank Executive Director, said with the additional space in the new commercial kitchen, it made sense to work with Meals on Wheels to serve individuals in need.  

“Both organizations have a similar focus, and it ultimately helps to ensure that people have food security,” Thompson said.  

The culinary team prepares between 40 and 70 meals every day of the week and additional meals for the weekend.  

“It's a program that ensures that people who have health concerns have access to good, healthy food on a daily basis. It's also a great program that brings people together and reduces social isolation,” Thompson said. “We're excited as the food bank to be able to work with the volunteers to ensure that people have the food support they need and that contact with a friend, neighbour, or a volunteer can be very impactful.”