A ringette mom based in the central Alberta area has nominated the Clive Arena for the Kraft Hockeyville contest. The grand prize for the contest is $250,000 and an NHL game at the chosen arena but the Clive Arena will be needing some support to get there. 

Although Kristina Mackenzie is based in the central Alberta area, her daughters make use of the Clive Arena regularly.  

“Unfortunately, hockey in Red Deer is so competitive. We barely get any ice time in Red Deer for ringette. A lot of our ice time is in the little arenas around Red Deer, and Clive is one of them. I tell you that arena is so close to closing and I hate to see it because it's one of our main ices,” said Mackenzie.  

Her daughters would also like to see the arena updated.  

“They want it updated because it’s cold in there,” she added.  

Nominating the arena was easy enough for Mackenzie who just had to upload a couple of photos and share her experience of the Clive arena. However, other people have to do the same in order for the rink to have a chance in the competition.  

“Stage one ends on February 19th. We need people to go to the Hockeyville website, look up the Clive page and they need to upload those photos and share those links because every share and upload is points and the arena with the most points go into the final voting process. We really need a lot of points,” she explained  

You can share your stories of the Clive Arena at the Kraft Hockeyville page by clicking here.