The Second Annual Spring and Summer Active Living Fair will be happening on Tuesday, March 7th.  It will be the perfect opportunity to check out what will be happening in the community this spring and summer as well as take part in local sports and opportunities.  

“The Spring Active Living Fair is going to be full of really great organizations and programs, we've got a fantastic lineup coming in. Most of the minor sports are going to be there. There's going to be art, there's going to be dance, there's going to be the Ellis Bird Farm's going to be out there with their stuff,” explained Dani Ducross, County of Lacombe Lifelong Learning Association (CLLLA) Executive Director.  

Several local organizations within the City and County of Lacombe will be taking part by setting up a booth to offer information about their programs. 

This year’s Spring Active Living Fair is happening a little bit earlier in the year compared to last year. Last year, was the first time the CLLLA offered a spring edition of the event. The CLLLA has been offering an Autumn Active Living Fair for several years as kids head back to school and summer holidays wrap-up.  

 “Our first annual one was a fantastic event. It didn't have an awful lot of information, but the vibe was fantastic, and this year we're hoping to have an even better vibe and tons of tables out there. I'm super excited. I'm very, very, very pleased with the response that we've been having so far,” said Ducross.  

Having the event sooner in the year, means local organizations can offer registrations at the fair.  

“It was just a little bit too late in the year for it to be useful (last year). May was too late for most of the minor sports programs, registrations, and a lot of the summer camps are often all filled by May as well, so we just we went with March instead,” explained Ducross.  

Some of the newer organizations taking part in the fair will be a fitness and health organization called Velocity and Red Deer Polytechnic. In total, Ducross estimates there will be 40 tables featuring local organizations but more are still welcome to purchase a table for $30.  

The Spring and Summer Active Living Fair will be happening at the Lacombe Memorial Centre from 4:00 to 7:30 PM on March 7.