Grade six classes across the City submitted essays to take office for Lacombe’s Mayor for a Day program. On Thursday, May 4, the authors of the ten winning essays were invited to take a tour of Lacombe’s City Hall and host their own council meeting.  

They also had the opportunity to meet with Deputy Mayor, Thalia Hibbs and Councillor Don Gullekson.  

“I think it's always wonderful, obviously to learn about things, but when you can actually have hands on experience first-hand, that just heightens that learning. Ideally, they can come back to their classrooms and tell other classmates about what the experience was like.  

The students were treated to lunch, given a tour, and then held their own council meeting inside the City of Lacombe’s Council Chambers. Deputy Mayor Thalia Hibbs was expecting some bright ideas from the group in their council meeting. She was impressed by all the essays that were submitted by students in the community.  

“It was difficult because I was really quite impressed by the breadth and the scope of things that were being brought up and things you might not think that an average grade six student is thinking about, but they are. It's top of mind and that's a good reminder being in leadership role like myself. What I should be thinking of?” explained Hibbs.  

She is hoping the experience gives way to an interest in local politics and possibly even inspire some to take office.  

“I think it really does give them a good idea of what local government actually looks like and what we do and what's in our powers, maybe what's not. It also is something that they can do. Members of Council are just ordinary residents,” she added.