On Tuesday, May 7th, The Town of Sylvan Lake held an open house on the topic of the Centennial Street Redevelopment Project.

Residents of Sylvan Lake were invited to come and check out the plan as well as express their concerns and ideas on the major development for the town.

Eric Boudreau, The Engineering Services Manager for Sylvan Lake talked about the project.

"I think it's going to mean a lot to the town. It's going to make it feel more attractive and a lot easier for people to use. It will be a lot safer, and people are going to want to be here."

The 50 Street Redevelopment Project upgrades 50 Street from Lakeshore Drive to 48 Avenue. Upgrades include new road surface infrastructure, utilities, sidewalks, and landscaping. All downtown businesses in the 50 Avenue Redevelopment construction area are open. 

Boudreau also says the project will also attract more tourists to Sylvan.

"It's going to really extend our Lakeshore Drive work that we completed a few years ago. It will extend it further up into the downtown to the business area and make it more welcoming, and more inviting to bring people to our community."

Railway Crossing

Construction dates cannot be set because the project includes upgrading the railway crossing at Centennial Street. Railway crossing upgrades:

  • Must be approved by Transport Canada. We are waiting on approval
  • Must be approved and scheduled by CN Rail
  • Are performed by CN Rail on CN Rail's schedule
poster of projectPoster from The Town of Sylvan Lake


  • Phase 1 and 2: Tentatively starting in 2024. This phase builds on work done in 2023 as part of the 50 Avenue Redevelopment project
  • Planned break: Regardless of start time, there is a planned two-year break between Phase 1 and 2
  • Phase 2: Tentatively starting in 2027, but depends on the start time of Phase 1


  • The roadway and underground utilities are past the end of their life cycle
    • It is cheaper to replace aging underground infrastructure before it fails
    • Some water and sewer mains are over forty years old
    • Save money by upgrading landscaping and sidewalks at the same time as the road
  • Improve accessibility
    • Make it safer for all pedestrians and drivers with traffic-calming design
    • Reduce congestion and improve traffic flow
    • Improve safety at the Centennial Street rail crossing
    • Modernize the road and calm traffic
    • Help tourism and business by giving a facelift to this important downtown corridor

Why is the 50 Street area important?

  • It is the heart of our historic downtown core

  • 50 Street supports heavy use by residents and visitors

  • As population and traffic increases

  • We need new underground infrastructure to meet demand

  • Making the railway crossing safer is important

  • Fulfills Council's strategy:
    • To provide a safe area for residents and visitors to enjoy while promoting businesses and downtown
    • To create an environment that invites people to explore businesses off Lakeshore Drive
    • Vision: The Town of Sylvan Lake is a thriving, connected lakeside community that is resident focused, visitor friendly, and THE place to do business
    • Mission: Deliver responsible municipal services and infrastructure that support an outstanding quality of life, unforgettable experiences, and a strong, diverse economy