For the third year, since Ubuntu-Mobilizing Central Alberta was founded, Ubuntu Youth Council is celebrating its annual International Youth Day on August 14, which will occur from 3 to 9 pm at Festival Hall. The 3rd Annual International Youth Day is open for people of all ages. The Ubuntu Youth Council is hosting this event to create a safe space for attendees, in response to this year’s theme of Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages.

According to the United Nations, “the objective of this year’s theme is to amplify the message that action is needed across all generations and leave no one behind.” (United Nations, 2022). In social sectors such as employment, health, and public and civil participation, both youth and older adults were underrepresented due to ageism. Therefore, on this year’s International Youth Day, both youth and older adults are invited to have the chance to raise their voices and to create awareness of the circumstances that they face daily caused by their ages. In return, people of all ages can learn from others by not only engaging in conversation, but also by listening and watching as they work together to understand what different people go through. All information and further announcements about International Youth Day is posted on Ubuntu Youth Council’s Instagram page.

Since Ubuntu-Mobilizing Central Alberta was founded in 2020, the Ubuntu Youth Council has celebrated International Youth Day. This day has been arranged by the youth members of the organization to showcase the leadership they have and the advocacy they give for youth voices. For this year’s International Youth Day there will be conversations between youth and older adults from diverse members of the community about ageism in employment, health, and public and civic participation. This event does not only have conversations but also is filled with entertainment such as dance performance, live music by a local DJ, mini games with prizes, BBQ, and Hoops Unite Final Tournament. The Ubuntu Youth Council is hoping that International Youth Day will help to build connections and relationships among Central Alberta such as Blackfalds, Lacombe, Ponoka, Sylvan, and other surrounding areas, which in turn will create a greater sense of a community. According to Morris Bornyi, the Support Youth Program Coordinator of Ubuntu:

“We want all individuals, who hear about International Youth Day to come out and just enjoy themselves, not be afraid to put themselves out there. In reality, people might be different but most of the time they may be going through similar issues, so why not work together to find a common ground to resolve and understand those issues a little bit better. As a Youth Coordinator here at Ubuntu, I have learned that by meeting new people and listening to new perspectives, it has opened a door for me to feel comfortable to ask when I might not know something or to speak up because I might have an opinion that others agree with. I have jumped out of my shell and I am not afraid to have a voice because that’s exactly what we encourage everyone to have.”

This article was written with files from Ubuntu- Mobilizing Central Alberta.