In a strategic move to enhance educational outcomes, Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) has seen a notable improvement in diploma exam results following its ongoing partnership with Rock the Diploma, a renowned academic support program.

This collaboration comes after WCPS observed a five-year downward trend in both acceptable standards and standards of excellence in diploma exams from 2012 to 2016.

“Our students were facing significant challenges, particularly in achieving excellence in diploma exams,” said Sean Lougheed, WCPS Director of Education Services. “Although we had strong teaching staff, there was a disparity between classroom performance and exam results. We recognized the urgent need to bridge this gap and ensure our students had every tool necessary for success.”

At that time, the division approached the WCPS Board for funding targeting diploma preparation programs. This led to the partnership with Rock the Diploma, known for its proven track record and extensive experience in delivering hundreds of sessions across Alberta annually.

“Our focus was on ensuring all students had access to these crucial resources. With a provincial emphasis on numeracy and our Board’s commitment to educational excellence, it was imperative that we invest in our students,” said Tim De Ruyck, WCPS Superintendent, of the Board funding students' attendance to Rock the Diploma sessions.

The number of students enrolling in Rock the Diploma sessions has seen a steady increase, reflecting the growing recognition of its benefits among the student body. Since the inception of this partnership in 2016, more than 3500 students in Wolf Creek have benefited from these enhanced learning opportunities. This has not only helped tighten the gap between school-based marks and diploma exam results but also increased the number of Rutherford Scholarship recipients and post-secondary acceptances.

"Students participating in the Rock the Diploma sessions expressed increased confidence and a better understanding of exam material,” said Lougheed. “Their feedback highlights the program's role in enhancing their preparedness for diploma exams."

Last year alone, WCPS reported more than 600 students writing diploma exams. The impact of the Rock the Diploma program is evident in the results.

"We're observing a 10 to 15 per cent differential in scores, which is a substantial improvement. This initiative is directly contributing to our students' academic growth and future success," said Lougheed.

This partnership reflects WCPS's commitment to providing targeted support and resources to its students, ensuring they are well-equipped to excel in their academic pursuits.


**Story submitted by Wolf Creek Public Schools