It was a busy night Thursday for Sylvan Lake Fire Department.

Within a span of less than 3 hours they were called to five different locations for emergencies.

Calls started coming in around 6:30 for EMS assist, then a smoke investigation near Walmart area, a fire in a backyard in South Sylvan, an MVC on the highway near Eckville and a structure fire on 44th street.

photo of fire fightersphoto credit:Darin Clark

Multiple units were called to the structure fire in a townhouse on the 48th block. Flames could be seen coming out of the back side of the building near CP Blakely Elementary School. Some of the units were called down while fire fighters continued to investigate. There is no word on a cause of the fire or injuries. An update will be given if more information is provided.

Eckville Fire Department were called to the aid of the MVC on the highway east of the town on Range Road 24.