The Lacombe and District Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) has wrapped up another successful year of Meals on Wheels. The organization held a volunteer coordinator meeting on March 22 where volunteer coordinators were celebrated and given the opportunity to voice any concerns about the program.  

Carlene Wagner, Seniors Coordinator for the Lacombe FCSS shared some stats from 2022.  

"We had just about 1,500 hot meals delivered, but then an additional I think 3,000 frozen meals,” said Wagner.  

The hot meals are prepared by the Lacombe Lodge and delivered to participants warm. A typical hot meal delivery may have as many as 35 meals to deliver. Those are delivered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for $12 a meal.  

Meals on Wheels has operated in the community for 40 years but frozen meals are becoming a bit more popular.  

Frozen meal option takes off following the pandemic 

A frozen meal options took off during the COVID-19 and have continued being popular after pandemic restrictions were lifted.  

“We always offered it before COVID, but they really took off as a need and we subsidized the meals starting there. We just found that it's been a good option for people,” explained Carlene.  

The meals are still nutritious and healthy but are microwavable. It also costs only $6.50 per meal but soups and pies cost a bit less.  The program also offers a bit more choice in what meals people will be receiving.  

“We offer a list of frozen meals that can be ordered every Monday and there is about 15 meals to choose from... They will be delivered to your house on Thursdays each week or you can pick them up at our office,” said Carlene. 

In need of volunteers  

Wagner is feeling ready to take on the 2023 program but is in need of some more volunteers.  

“I am looking for a coordinator or two who would be willing to take on finding drivers for either two weeks or the whole month of July. They can definitely contact me if they are interested and we can go over all the details,” said Wagner.  

July tends to be a difficult month for volunteers due to all the summer holidays happening at the time.  

For more information on how you can help out with Meals on Wheels and other programs ran by the Lacombe FCSS you can call their office at 403-782-6637.