The Council of the Town of Bentley gave approval to a Notice of Intent to Annex Land and directed administration to formally notify Lacombe County at the Feb. 27 council meeting. 

The notice is also being sent to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal and the Minister of Municipal Affairs.  

Copies of the notice are being provided to the MLA, provincial ministries, the school district, and utility companies.  

This action follows more than two years of activity related to the Bentley-Lacombe Joint Development Initiative, which resulted in the preparation of the Southeast Bentley Area Structure Plan (ASP) that was adopted by Lacombe County Council in November 2023.  

The ASP provides for commercial and industrial development on about 200 acres of privately-owned land adjacent to the Town.  

The annexation proposal is for the land covered by the ASP, to remove it from the county and include it in the town.  

Bentley Mayor Greg Rathjen said, “We have appreciated the good working relationship with Lacombe County to bring the plan to this point. We look forward to sitting down and working out the details of this annexation with the county.”  

There is one private property owner within the annexation area who will be formally consulted. Additionally, public consultation is being planned and is expected to occur in April.  

Following consultation, an annexation report will be prepared, and submitted to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal as a formal application for annexation. 



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