Sunny 94 has partnered with Central Alberta Rescue Effort Shelter (C.A.R.E.S) to bring you Pet of the Week! Each Wednesday we feature a new, super friendly, totally adoptable dog or cat. We’ll tell you a bit about them in hopes you’ll go to CARES, meet them, fall in love, and take them home with you! 

2017 02 28 Cadbury

This is Cadbury!

Oh hi there, my name’s Cadbury and I’m a 10 month old Boxer! I’m a very sweet and playful girl who, as you may have already seen, loves to stick out my tongue! It’s not permanently like that though. I’m a pretty quiet pooch that doesn’t bark very often.

I came to the shelter as a surrender by my owners who, due to unforeseen circumstance, couldn’t take care of me anymore. As sad as that sounds, it just means a door of opportunity has been opened and I’m in the market for a loving owner like YOU! I’m a medium sized dog who likes being outside so going into a home that has a yard would really help in burning off my puppy energy. That being said, since I’m so young there’s the chance I might get into some trouble and test my limits so please be patient and know that as I grow older I’ll do that less and less!

The ladies at CARES say I’ve been demonstrating great social skills with both other dogs and new humans – which means I’m not shy! I’m totally fine going into a house with a cat but from what I hear cats don’t like surprises so maybe bring them in to meet me before you take me home. I would love to be a part of your family! Come to CARES and pet me and fall in love with me! Click HERE for more information.

Want to know more about CARES? Click the audio boxes below to hear Kyla from CARES explain exactly who they are, what they do, and what's new/exciting at CARES:

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