With the extended heat wave earlier this week, and more hot weather forecast for this weekend, many counties and municipalities have been forced to reinstate fire bans and fire restrictions.

Here is a list of some of the affected areas around Central Alberta.

**please note that this list is changing hourly.

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LACOMBE COUNTY (not including The City of Lacombe or Town of Blackfalds)

Fire Advisory

1)   Permits the issuance of FIRE PERMITS. Although permits will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may be limited based on size;

2)  Permits the discharge of FIRE WORKS with a permit issued by Lacombe County.

3) Permits the use of BURN BARRELS, CAMP FIRES and FIRE PITS.

The following are also PERMITTED during this Fire Advisory:

·       portable propane fire pits;

·       gas or propane stoves and barbeques including briquette;

·       catalytic or infrared style heaters.

This Fire Advisory will remain in effect until further notice.

PONOKA COUNTY (including Town of Ponoka and Town of Rimbey)

Fire Advisory

As some moisture has been received, Ponoka County, including the Town of Rimbey, Town of Ponoka and Summer Village of Parkland Beach, are now under a Fire Advisory effective Wednesday, May 24th, 2023.

Fireworks are still prohibited and residents are encouraged to refrain from non-essential burning on their property.  More moisture is still required to fully mitigate any risks.

Over the next couple days, controlled burns will be conducted with Fire Department supervision at County Waste Management facilities to ensure the residents continued ability to bring in wood to a designated area minimizing the risk to the overall community.

The following is permitted, but caution is encouraged:

-        burns with approved permits;

-        ATV use on private land;

-        internal household fire places;

-        incinerators (for farm & acreage use);

-        bylaw compliant burning barrels and fire pits (with screen in place);

-        fires contained within approved facilities and appliances in designed camping & recreational areas;

-        portable propane fire pits & appliances;

-        BBQ's & smokers using charcoals and pellets;


Fire Ban

Effective immediately, The City of Red Deer has issued a full city-wide fire ban, due to dry conditions and high temperatures. A fire ban is initiated when conditions as per the Alberta Climate Information Services become extreme.

The following fires are not allowed within limits, including public parks and private property:

  • Fires using charcoal, briquettes or wood.
  • Any open source of flame, including outdoor fires, torches, displays, and open burns.

All existing fire permits are suspended.

The following fires are allowed:

  • CSA-approved or ULC-certified natural gas, propane or electric barbeques or smokers designed for cooking.
  • Gas fire pits and electric catalytic infrared-style heaters are permitted if used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and meet the required clearance to combustibles.
  • Pellet grills and smokers with an on/off switch that controls the fuel source are permitted if used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and meet the required clearance to combustibles.

This ban will remain in effect until conditions change and further notice is given. Updates are available here.


Fire Ban

The Fire Ban includes a ban on:

§  Incinerators (for farm and acreage use);

§  Camp stoves;

§  Solid fuel barbecues (charcoal briquettes, wood pellets);

§  Recreational camp fires; and

§  Chimeneas

At this time, internal household fireplaces, and liquid fuel barbeques (propane and natural gas), are still permitted – never leave an open flame unattended. 

Due to dry conditions, the Town of Sylvan Lake, and the Sylvan Lake Fire Department also remind the public to dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.

The Fire Ban is in effect until the Fire Chief’s office deems appropriate to change for the purposes of Fire Protection Bylaw 1793/2019.


Fire Restriction.

Under this restriction:

·        Existing fire permits are suspended;

·        All outdoor fires presently burning under permit must be extinguished, unless approved  to continue by a Forest Officer;

·        Wood campfires in backcountry or random camping areas are prohibited; and

·        Safe wood campfires within fire rings in campgrounds and backyard fire pits are allowed. 


·        Wood campfires in backcountry or random camping areas;

·        Fireworks and exploding targets.


·        Safe wood campfires within fire rings in public and private campgrounds

·        Backyard fire pits on private land

·        Charcoal briquette barbeques

·        Gas and liquid powered appliances (stoves, lanterns, fire rings)

·        Open flame oil devices (turkey deep fryers, tiki torches)

·        Catalytic or infrared-style heaters

·        Indoor wood fires

The fire restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve.


Fire Restriction

As of 1 PM on Friday, May 26, the following are allowed within Town limits:

Safe wood campfires on private land, including backyard fire pits.

Charcoal briquette barbeques.

Propane/natural gas-powered appliances.

Open flame oil devices (e.g. turkey deep fryers, tiki torches).

Indoor wood fires contained within a device with a chimney and spark arrestor.

All appliances must be CSA approved and used per the manufacturer’s standards.

The use of fireworks and exploding targets are prohibited under this fire restriction.

The fire restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve.


Fire Ban

  1. PROHIBITS the issuance of fire permits by County of Stettler Fire Guardians;
  2. SUSPENDS all outstanding fire permits issued under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act;
  3. REQUIRES that all outdoor fires presently burning, whether set under the authority of a fire permit or not, be extinguished immediately; 
  4. INCLUDES all open fires, camp fires, fires used for cooking, briquette barbecues, burning barrels, and the discharge of all fireworks.

This Fire Ban does not apply to:

  1. Fires which are contained in cooking appliances which are fuelled by liquid fuel (propane, natural gas) – i.e. barbecues, Coleman stoves; and
  2. CSA approved portable fire pits fuelled by liquid fuel propane or natural gas; and 
  3. Internal household fire places with approved spark arrester – i.e. a fine screen used to prevent sparks from leaving the chimney. 

A person who sets a fire not allowed under this ban will be responsible for the costs of extinguishing the fire pursuant to County of Stettler Bylaws and may be charged under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act. 

This Ban will continue until further notice.