With the dry conditions in Southern Alberta firefighters with the MD of Willow Creek are urging everyone to use extreme caution.

Deputy Fire Chief Kelly Starling says they went to nine significant fires in the last six days.

"A lot of it is due to harvesting and extreme dry conditions," said Starling. "We've responded to only two or three calls where people were flicking out cigarette butts. But people are actually flicking them out right in front of our fire trucks."

One grass fire also started as a tow truck worked to remove a car from a ditch.

With harvest well underway the department is asking farmers to use extra caution by blowing out the engines.

"These guys know this better than me, but just a friendly reminder keep your equipment clean and serviced and if it is plus 33 with a wind maybe take the afternoon off and tackle it at night. Easier said than done I know."

The department is getting lots of requests from people with ATVs and they want to get back out and enjoy the rest of summer but Starling adds the risk is still too high.

"It is one of the driest years I've seen in 16 years."

They also had a call from a rancher who was out on his horse and when the shoes on the horse clicked together a spark resulted in a small fire that he was able to get out.

"I wish it would rain for three or four days straight now and kind of end this, but looking at the forecast it is not getting any better."


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