The Alberta SPCA is offering tips for pet owners on how to keep their furry friends safe during the cold snap. 

“The frigid temperatures that coincide with Alberta winters can be dangerous for your pet,” the Alberta SPCA website said. “If you own or are caring for companion animals, you need to take extra precautions to protect them from the extreme cold.” 

Pet owners are urged to take extra precautions when the temperature drops and keep their pets inside.  

“Animals that are not generally in good health, as well as very young and old animals, shouldn’t be exposed to winter weather for a long period of time,” the website said.  

Here are some ways to help keep pets safe and comfortable during the winter:  

Provide extra food 

Animals that spend time outdoors in the winter require additional food to give them the necessary energy to stay warm. 

Refresh water 

Ensure water doesn’t freeze by replacing it frequently or use a heated bowl.  

Avoid metal bowls that tongues can stick and freeze to. 



A doghouse should be large enough for the animal to stand up and turn around, to retain body heat. 

The shelter should be turned away from wind and have straw inside rather than blankets which soak up moisture. 


Watch your pets when outside 

Keep a close eye on your pets when they are outside and watch to ensure they aren’t showing signs of discomfort or distress. 


Use caution before starting your vehicle 

Before turning on your vehicle knock on the hood to scare cats or small wildlife away that climbed inside the car’s engine compartment for warmth.  

For more cold weather safety tips visit the Alberta SPCA website here.