Daylight Savings Time is happening this weekend so make sure you turn your clocks forward one hour before you head to bed tonight.  

Alberta did explore the possibility of switching permanently to Daylight Savings Time in the 2021 Municipal election referendum questions. It seems Albertans are very torn on the idea of saving time, with 50.2 per cent of those who participated voted in favour of keeping the system as it is, and 49.8 percent voted in favour of changing it.  

However, Daylight Saving Times can be a good time to consider doing certain tasks such as: 

  • Changing the batteries in your fire alarms 
  • Changing the batteries in your vehicle key fob 
  • Cleaning home appliances 
  • Tossing expired items out of your fridge and pantry 
  • Rotating your mattress 
  • Checking your furnace filters  
  • Checking your dryer vent 
  • Cleaning the oven 
  • Dusting your ceiling fans 

After this weekend’s time change, we will see our clocks move back an hour on November 5, 2023.