Grade 8 Indigenous students from Chinook’s Edge enjoyed attending a conference called ‘Inspiring Student Success” prior to spring break. The conference was planned by - and welcomed students from - Chinook’s Edge, Red Deer Public Schools, Red Deer Catholic Schools, Wolf Creek School Division and Star Catholic Schools.

The purpose of the third annual event was to bring Indigenous students together, to meet new friends and learn about Indigenous culture.

The event was underway on April 11 and was held at Red Deer Polytechnic so students could see what a post-secondary education might be like, and so students feel inspired about their own futures.

Students were able to participate in a wide range of sessions including tipi teachings, smudging, metis finger weaving, medicine wheel wellness, Cree language, a tour of the campus, and more.

“I was really excited to go and learn about my culture and catch up with old friends and learn some things such as the full meaning of the medicine wheel and the importance of it,” said Bella Stoutenberg, a Spruce View School student.

Spruce View student, Greyson Johnson said, “I really didn’t want to go, but it turns out the people were nice and the presentations were cool!”

Wyatt Fredette, a Spruce View School student, said, “It was fun and we got to learn a lot about our culture, and the food was REALLLY good!”