The City of Lacombe’s Cure-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Program is running throughout the month, renewing infrastructure.   

Through the program, interior lining in existing aging sewer mains will be installed.   

"The City of Lacombe is always looking to ensure our infrastructure is safe, modern, and economically friendly to our residents," said Mayor Grant Creasey. “The CIPP program allows us to extend the effective lifespans of our sewer and stormwater systems without expansive dig operations, which are time-consuming and affect the wallets and commutes of our citizens."  

The advantages of the CIPP Program include:  

  • The extension of the life of sewers and stormwater systems in a cost-effective way - cheaper than replacement  

  • Avoiding the need to dig up roads and alleyways  

  • Reducing infiltration into the pipes during storm events, which helps lower the cost of pumping the sanitary sewer system  

  • Minimizing the impacts of road construction on residents 

  • Better performance of the existing pipes  

Through the CIPP process, the interior of the sewer main is cleaned using high-pressure washers and scrapers, to remove sediment, tuberculation, and buildup.  

The liner is saturated with a thermos-setting resin and inserted into the sewer main. The liner is cured using hot air and hot water.  

Sewer service connections are re-instated using a robot that cuts a plug out of the liner from the pipe's interior at each service location.   

Lastly, the liner quality is inspected using a closed-circuit TV camera to identify any deficiencies.  

Residents affected by the work will be notified through letters and door hangers.   

While utility crews are working in your neighbourhood, residents are asked to refrain from:   

  • Washing clothes or dishes  

  • Taking showers or baths  

  • Flushing toiles  

  • Operating sump pumps that are connected to the sewer system