The Dome in Red Deer is training young athletes to be versatile in a variety of different sports.  The 107,000 square foot facility offers state of the art access to an indoor training facility. 

“Dome is a multi-sport facility in Red Deer where we offer all types of sports with qualified coaches who instruct and coach kids who play these sports,” said Kolby Okoye, Director of Soccer at The Dome Red Deer. 

He says if you start athletes young, there will be plenty of opportunities for them ahead.  

“What we try to do is we try to get kids through the door from the youngest of ages. From three-year-old we will get them going with the future athletes, get them coordinated, and then we feed them into our programs. Be it soccer, be it baseball whatever they show an interest for. Many times, these kids can play multiple sports,” said Okoye. 

The Dome in Red Deer offers private lessons in soccer, baseball, softball, and football. They offer programs for both youth and adults and are currently running a series of summer camps. 

“We're bringing kids out here having them kick a ball, just having showing their technique, getting them interested in soccer as a game, and then if they ever want to come try out our programs they're free to come join,” said Okoye. 

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