For fans of the Edmonton Oilers, all they can do now is wait to see who the next round opponent will be.

It will either be the Vancouver Canucks, or the Nashville Predators. Vancouver has a 3-2 game lead going into tonight's match which starts at 5 pm from Nashville.

Tank had a chance to sit down and chat with some local fans who gave their thoughts on who they would like to see in round two.

Matt says "I would prefer the Canucks. This way it's two Canadian teams in the 2nd round and a guarantee that one will be going to the conference final. And hopefully it's the Oilers!"

Derrick says that he also thinks Vancouver. " I'd rather see the Oilers face the Canucks so that the Canucks can make it to another round. Nashville I don't care for. I'm going with the Canucks all the way especially after their comeback overtime win in Game 4."

And finally Allan also wants the all-Canadian match-up. " They've had our number all year and it's time for retribution. To beat the Canucks, the Oilers need to keep doing what they've been doing. Playing hard and getting power plays. The Oilers power play is almost unstoppable at the moment. Vancouver is not LA. The Canucks are a hardworking, disciplined team. If the Oilers have to play the Predators, I think 100% the Oilers will win the series. We've owned the Preds all year."

If Vancouver should beat Nashville, it will be the first time since the 1991-1992 semi-conference, that the two teams have matched up. The Oilers beat the Canucks 4 games to 2 that year. Note that the teams did meet in the 2021-2022 bubble year playoff match which the Oilers won 3-2 in OT to move on and play L.A. 

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