The Town of Sylvan Lake is moving on with it's three-phase plan for redevelopment of 50th Avenue in Sylvan Lake.

One of the biggest concerns for the main roadway is aging underground infrastructure. Other key areas include landscaping and roadyway enhancements. This is to promote safer driving and pedestrian use.

This project is working in conjunction with the timelines and goals set forth in the Town's newly adapted Reimagine Sylvan,  Sustainable Waterfront Area Redevelopment Plan (SWARP).

photo of street sign

Here is what the town's phase three project includes:

Underground Infrastructure

  • Replacement of aging underground infrastructure, water mains, sanitary mains, storm mains, and lot services.
    • Adding a stormwater main.
      • To minimize the impact on the public, the Town is considering the addition of a stormwater main and catch basins to fix existing drainage issues and other means of improving the flow of stormwater in the area.

Roadway Modernization

  • Improving pedestrian walkability and safety with the addition of sidewalks.
    • Addition of a 2.5m wide trail on the south side and a 1.5m wide sidewalk on the north side.
    • Addition of crosswalks at intersections.
    • Installation of curb bulb-outs at all intersections. This promotes slower traffic by narrowing the driver's line of vision, provide a safer means for pedestrians to cross the roadway, and provide an improved area for vehicles to be parked.
  • Replacing curb and gutter from 46th Street to 50th Street along 50th Avenue with additional catch basins installed throughout. This improves drainage along the roadway.
  • Replacing the street lighting along 50th Avenue to improve safety.

  • Exploring improvements at the intersection of 50 Avenue and 50 Street, as well as 50 Avenue and 46 Street.


  • Removal and bury of overhead power lines;
    • Replacing all shallow utilities such as power, gas, and cable, if deemed necessary by the respected provider of those utilities
    • Considering burying the remaining overhead utilities. Burying the overhead power lines provides a cleaner, more esthetically pleasing environment while upgrading the existing infrastructure. A portion of existing utilities is underground from 50 Street to 46 Street.