MLA for Innisfail-Sylvan Lake, and Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors Devin Dreeshen provided an update on improving roadside worker safety this morning (August 8, 2023).  

Starting September 1, 2023, drivers in the lane closest to any roadside worker vehicle with lights flashing must slow down to 60 km/h or the posted speed limit, whichever is slower. Additionally, you can move over to the left lane to pass when it is safe.  

“Regardless of if it’s a police officer, or an ambulance, or paramedics, or roadside workers, or tow truck drivers, we want to make sure that the rules are the same on the road,” said Dreeshen.  

The Minister believes the new rules will mean less injuries for roadside workers.  

“Unfortunately, between 2014 and 2018, there's actually been over 2,000 injuries involving roadside workers in the Province of Alberta, which is obviously a staggering number. We want to do everything we can to try to get that number to zero,” explained Dreeshen.  

Failing to comply with the new rules can result in a fine and loss of three demerits: 

  • $243 and three demerit points for failing to slow down to the maximum speed limit when passing stopped roadside workers. 
  • $243 fine and three demerit points for failing to allow other drivers to move into a traffic lane farther from a stopped emergency vehicle, tow truck or roadside work vehicle. 
  • A fine of $324 and three demerit points for unsafe passing of snowplows.