Research Infosource Inc. has selected Olds College of Agriculture and Technology as one of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges, placing it in the top ten.

The continued growth of the Smart Ag Ecosystem and applied research activities on the Olds College Smart Farm launched the College into the top 10 this year. 

Associate Vice President of Applied Research, Dr. Joy Agnew says the Olds College Smart Ag Ecosystem is focused on accelerating the progress and innovation needed to grow Canada’s ag industry through applied research. 

The College’s primary research areas focus on field crop production, livestock production, environmental stewardship in agriculture, barley and triticale variety development, and smart agriculture technologies and practices.

Olds collaborates with industry, academics and government to support applied research, innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship.

In addition to being ranked number 10 overall, Olds College was listed as number three in the country for College Research Income Growth and number seven for College Research Intensity (dollar per researcher).