The Town of Penhold challenged Central Albertans to donate blood at the Canadian Blood Services Donation Centre in Red Deer throughout February.   

The Penhold Cares Blood Donation Campaign began in honor of resident Josephine Michaluk, who is currently the world record holder of the Most Whole Blood Donations (female).  

Over the last five decades, Michaluk has continued to give blood as often as she could.   

“I just feel so good after,” Michaluk said.   

In 2022, she rolled up her sleeve to give her 203 unit of blood, setting a new world record, and in February she gave her 209 donation.  

Having been a recipient of blood herself, Michaluk urges everyone to give blood if they are able.   

“You don’t know when you are going to need blood. Even if you just donate once, you get a card with your blood type on it. If you need blood, they know your blood type,” she said.  

During the challenge, a total of 1,055 units of blood was collected, which is 86 per cent of what was needed to keep up with hospital demand.   

“It’s a great start to a campaign involving the surrounding municipalities. The results from the inaugural launch show the amount of support for the blood system that currently exists within our community and the empathy for the patients who require blood on a day-to-day basis,” Red Deer Canadian Blood Services Community Development Manager Shamus Neeson said. 

“I’m excited to see how much this campaign grows in support and reach in the next number of years.” 

For the campaign, Central Alberta was divided into zones, and donors were asked to indicate which area they reside in.  

The final results of the campaign were:   

  • Red Deer 148   

  • Penhold 51  

  • Zone 1 (West of QEII, North of HWY 42) 83  

  • Zone 2 (East of QEII, North of HWY 42) 99   

  • Zone 3 (West of QEII, South of HWY 592) 32  

  • Zone 4 (East of QEII, South of Hwy 42) 35 

“For our community of 3,600 people to have more donors than either of the regions south of us shows how much Penhold does care,” Penhold Mayor Mike Yargeau said. “Josephine’s accomplishment inspired many of our residents, including myself, to give blood last month. We had more donors than some zones with towns more than twice our population and all the surrounding areas to help boost their numbers.”