As Valentine’s Day approaches, many pet owners are on the lookout for unique ways to share the love they have for their furry companions.  

One heartwarming trend is Valentine’s Day pet portraits to celebrate the love owners have for their pets.

This year, the special portraits will not only give pet parents a keepsake to look back on but will also serve a greater purpose of supporting local animal shelters, Saving Grace Animal Society, and Fostering Hope Animal Rescue Foundation. 

Owners can bring their pets for a 15-minute photoshoot with their choice of multiple themed backgrounds, for a donation of $20 for one photo, $30 for two photos, or pet food of equal value. 

Anyone interested is asked to contact event organizer Alanna Rogers, at for more information or to schedule a photoshoot time for Feb. 10.

Photo of cat.Photo by Emily Rogers.
Photo of dog.Photo by Emily Rogers.