Poplar Ridge School students were delighted to welcome more than 100 grandparents and other senior community members to a special social event on Thursday (May 15th) - the first of its kind at the school.

The visitors got to participate in learning activities in students’ classrooms, join the students for recess, listen to a local folk music band while having tea and coffee, and also judge an “Iron Chef” competition for the students.

iron chef winnnersIron Chef competition photo courtesy of Chinook's Edge

“We wanted to provide an opportunity for students to learn more about their community and understand that all of these people are taking good care of them. We want students to feel a connection to their roots and to previous generations,” said Kim Cocks, Principal of Poplar Ridge School.

“Also, this gave us an opportunity, as a school, to say thank you to our community. Poplar Ridge School is often the recipient of acts of kindness from community members. Our neighbors go above and beyond in their support for us, and we want them to know just how much we appreciate that,” said Cocks.

Shelly Pfeiffer’s children used to attend Poplar Ridge School, and she was previously a substitute teacher there as well. She said, “It’s great to have students spend time with seniors and learn how to relate to them. It brings back memories for seniors, and it teaches children about respecting seniors. It’s good for everyone.”