Red Deer Polytechnic (RDP) has received a $50,000 donation to establish the ZS Holdings 50th Anniversary International Student-Athlete Success Fund.   

The fund is aimed at supporting international student-athletes, ensuring students have the resources needed to succeed in their studies and respective sports.   

The donation is from the Rajan family, through Zainul & Shazma (ZS) Holdings Ltd., and celebrates their desire to give back to the community.   

“To the students and athletes today and our future students: as my parents instilled in my sister and I, and our children, the importance of hard work, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence, so too my parents wish to help you with your journey. Their drive from humble beginnings to successful entrepreneurs exemplifies the limitless possibilities afforded by education and determination,” said Shazma Charania, President of ZS Holdings. 

“We are profoundly grateful for the Rajan family’s continued support and this significant contribution,” said Stuart Cullum, President of RDP. “This donation honours an important milestone for this entrepreneurial family and also reinforces our shared commitment to creating opportunities for student-athletes from around the globe. This gift is a reminder of the combined power of family, community connection, innovation, and generosity.” 

RDP student-athlete Jose Mauro Barrozo Jr. explained that because of the scholarship opportunity, he is able to study in Canada while also playing basketball.   

“Without the financial support of such scholarships, moving from Brazil to further my education would not have been possible," he said.