In partnership with the Government of Alberta, Red Deer County, and the City of Red Deer, Red Deer Regional Airport (YQF) is set for further expansion. This project is expected to take two years to complete, at a cost of $30 million representing the final phase of the airports’ three-phased expansion plan. 

Phase 3 is expected to begin this summer, expanding Airport Drive and providing direct access to the airport from Highway 2A and Township Rd 374. This will also create additional emergency access to the airport and the Hamlet of Springbrook, increasing safety for the surrounding community and airport users. 

This project will play a significant role in helping to build regional capacity and enhance the economic corridor by providing an efficient and affordable low-cost service model for all airport users. With 220 acres of prime runway-adjacent real estate ready to be developed, it will significantly boost the region’s economy with the creation of nearly 200 jobs during construction and 350 jobs post-commercial land development. It is estimated to generate close to $1 million in additional tax revenue for Red Deer County when the lands are fully developed in the future. 

“Alberta’s government is providing a $30-million grant in 2023-24 in support of the Red Deer Regional Airport expansion project, clearing the way for new services at the airport that will enable an increase in cargo, trade volumes and passenger service. These improvements will also open new travel options and increase tourism in Central Alberta.” Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors 

“This is definitely exciting news; the Red Deer Regional Airport is situated along one of the busiest transportation hubs in the province. This expansion will provide huge economic benefits to Central Alberta” added Mayor Jim Wood of Red Deer County. 

“The City and County recognize the Red Deer Regional Airport as an economic catalyst. The City, as a joint appointer for the airport with the County, is working together to be a key logistics hub based on our prime location. Thank you to the Province of Alberta for their investments in Central Alberta" said Mayor Ken Johnston of The City of Red Deer. 

Phase 1 of the airport's expansion plan is already underway on key infrastructure upgrades that include, the widening of the main runway from 30 meters to 45 meters, along with strengthening the main apron and taxiway. Once complete, these upgrades will allow the airport to attract the types of aircraft commonly associated with low-cost airlines, cargo operators, and heavy aircraft maintenance and repair facilities. 

Phase 2, which includes the construction of a new low-cost terminal and expansion of the main parking lot is expected to begin this year as well, at a cost of $5 million. 

Once complete, all three phases of the airport’s expansion plans will improve the fluidity and resiliency of Alberta's transportation system and economic corridor at an affordable rate for businesses and passengers alike. 

The Red Deer Regional Airport Authority would like to thank the Government of Alberta, the Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors, the City of Red Deer and Red Deer County for their continued support.