Mayor Ken Johnston of The City of Red Deer and Mayor Jim Wood of Red Deer County are gearing up for an impactful journey next week as they head to Chicago, Illinois. Their mission? To spearhead a new era of economic development and growth for the Central Alberta region, showcasing its readiness for global business endeavors.

Facilitated by the Government of Alberta and in collaboration with Red Deer Regional Airport, this excursion marks a pivotal moment to participate in Aviation Week, spotlighting Central Alberta's flourishing aerospace sector. Renowned for its evolution and esteemed status within the global aerospace industry, Central Alberta is poised to attract further investment and attention.

"Mayor Wood and I are thrilled to build upon the discussions initiated last year at the Paris Air Show," said Mayor Johnston. "Our message is clear: Central Alberta is the premier destination for business in the province, emerging as a dynamic logistics hub, and primed for an exhilarating future."

Mayor Jim Wood added, "Central Alberta offers unique economic advantages which help us draw investments and foster job creation. Our efforts aim to highlight the incredible potential of our region to international partners, forging ties that will bolster trade, information transfer, and collaboration for our region’s prosperity."

Throughout their visit, Mayors Wood and Johnston, with Red Deer Regional Airport’s Interim CEO, Nancy Paish, aim to engage in several productive conversations with government officials, industry leaders, and potential investors. Central Alberta's strategic advantages - from its central location to its skilled workforce, diverse economy, and business-friendly atmosphere - will take center stage as they advocate for the region's unparalleled appeal to businesses seeking growth opportunities.

"Council and I extend our heartfelt appreciation to Red Deer County and Red Deer Regional Airport for their partnership in this endeavor, and to the Government of Alberta for presenting us with this invaluable opportunity," Mayor Johnston added. "Together, we leverage our collective strengths to firmly establish Central Alberta on the global stage."

Positioning Central Alberta as a compelling investment destination holds promise for local businesses, fostering new avenues for growth and bolstering the economic landscape. Notably, Mayors Johnston and Wood stand as Alberta's sole representatives at the Paris Air Show, underscoring the significance of their presence on the international stage.

The cost of the trip for both Mayors is generously supported by the Red Deer Regional Airport, further emphasizing the collaborative spirit driving this initiative.