At Council on October 31, 2023, Red Deer County Council has tabled the 2024-2026 Operating budget and the 2024-2028 Capital Plan in search for public input. The budget illustrates inflationary pressures and continues to maintain service levels with a 3.5 percent projected tax rate increase.

Mayor Wood explained “Red Deer County continues to feel the realities of inflation, Council continues to be vigilant on maintaining services levels for roads, bridge maintenance and snow plowing,” additionally “we are a proof of a progressive Council with Broadband underway to better serve our residents and ratepayers.”

Assistant County Manager, Dave Dittrick added “At $113.3M, the 2024 budget is the largest in Red Deer County history. The County is continuing to make investments to support development at the Red Deer Regional Airport and the Junction 42 Area to broaden its tax base and Rural Broadband investments will benefit residents and businesses of Red Deer County in the coming years as the need for improved internet infrastructure becomes a necessity.”

Capital spending in 2024 will increase to $46.9M from last year’s $42.4M. This is mainly due to major road projects to support land development at the Red Deer Regional Airport and Junction 42 as well as construction of the final phase of broadband infrastructure before the creation of Connect, which will be a Municipally Controlled Corporation of which the County will be a shareholder. The Operating budget will also see an increase to $66.5M. Thanks to partnerships with other levels of government, the County is undertaking significant public works projects while not creating unnecessary tax increases to the public.

Members of the public have three weeks to provide feedback on the information being presented. The draft budget report can be found online here. Once public comments are received, the budget will return to Council on November 28, 2023 for approval.

Key Initiatives for 2024:

  • Airport Drive Extension $11.3M
  • Paving Program $10.2M
  • Internet Broadband Infrastructure $8.6M
  • Bridge Program $3.0M
  • Leva & Laura Avenue Roundabout Expansion $2.1M
  • Fire Apparatus/ Protective Services Vehicle Replacement $1.3M
  • Springbrook Main Lift Station Replacement $0.9M