The Red Deer and Lacombe Rural Crime Watch are organizing a series of "Road Parties" to help build a stronger community and reduce crime in rural areas.

Becky Wylie Jardine, a board member for Red Deer and Lacombe Rural Crime Watch talks about the organization.

"Our organization tries to get people in the community to get to know one another, which is really important when it comes to crime and crime prevention. If you are aware of what your neighbors are doing, and get to know them, then it's important when it comes to reducing crime." 

Jardine also talked about the most common crime residents outside of town experience.

"Theft of property is definitely the number one crime in rural areas. The more members we have (in Rural Crime Watch) the better. People know what vehicle their neighbor drives. If they happen to be driving by their neighbors place and see an odd vehicle in there, they can report it to the police."

roadparty poster

Ken Weenink, a board member for Red Deer and Lacombe Rural Crime Watch and a Lacombe County Councillor, talks about the upcoming road parties.

"we're trying to rejuvenate Crime watch. One of the ways is to do it through road parties. If we can get the community to know each other, it helps with rural crimes like what Becky was talking about. It also helps with mental health. If you know your neighbors it helps with  everything. You know where to go and if your neighbors have a problem, they you can get a hold of each other, and you can assist each other. And that all brings back community."

You can pick up your road party kits starting May 13th at The Lacombe County Office, The Red Deer County Office or at the Blackfalds RCMP detachment.

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