Mayors from around Central Alberta were in Penhold today to help kick off Falls Prevention Month in Alberta.

The Central Alberta Falls Prevention Coalition hosted the second annual Walk With the Mayors event to raise awareness about the importance of seniors staying active to prevent falling.  

According to the Injury Prevention Centre, falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors and cost Albertans over $160 million dollars every year in hospital admissions.  

Executive Director of the Safe Communities Coalition Kathleen Raines says winter is the peak season for fall related accidents. 

“One out of three seniors are at risk for falling and so one of the things we try and encourage is physical activity, especially because winter is coming. We just want to make sure that people are doing something about it, so that they are fit to stay up.”

Penhold Mayor Dennis Cooper was there to show his support and says it's important for people to stay active.

“When we have people fall they get hurt, they limit their mobility and they’re more likely to fall again. We’re trying to encourage two things. Number one is activity, getting out and moving which helps a person’s balance and number two, we’re trying to encourage safe walking practices. When you step out of a car make sure you look for ice.”

Sylvan Lake Mayor Sean McIntyre was also on hand to help lead the walk and kick off Senior Falls Prevention month for November.