Instagram and the merits of the social platform as a marketing tool for business was up for discussion at the latest Social Media Breakfast Lacombe this morning (Nov 2) at the Best Western.

The sold out event featured Meagan Parisian, the owner of Pari Creative House in Red Deer, a boutique creative agency specializing in brand development, social engagement and marketing strategies for business.

She says with 60% of people more visual learners, processing photos faster than information by text, auditory or other mediums, instagram is the wave of the future "images and videos are actually going to be taking over social media platforms within probably the next 5 years so to be able to leverage that in a platform such as this for your business now is going to be really great for you to develop a solid marketing strategy as you move forward".

Parisian says Instagram is working to launch a new sales concept "where you can actually tap on an image and you can see the cost of a product and see the specs of a project right in the application and then if you like that you can click another link and it will take you to an external site where you've integrated retail as well as showcasing all in one sort of location.  So this is being beta tested right now with some of the top twenty brands in the United States".

Parisian says Instagram is great cost effective marketing tool for businesses, especially restaurants and retail shops so you can showcase your products and services.

This morning marked the 5th Social Media Breakfast in Lacombe.