The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame will be doing some renovations in the new year that will allow them to collect more artifacts.

The Museum was presented a cheque from the Alberta Community Facility Enhancement Program on Monday, for the sum of $68,700, and will go with another grant they received last year worth $75,000.

Director Donna Hateley says the museum is packed full, and they can't collect anymore artifacts.

"We want to be able to collect more items on sports history. So we're looking at going up because our ceilings are very high, and putting in an open mezzanine floor to give us more space. We'll also be putting in some rolling shelves underneath to maximize our space there."

The improvements will allow the museum to collect more historical sports equipment, trophies, photo's and other artifacts.

Hateley says in the past they've never been able to showcase some of the collected artifacts, but with these renovations that will change.

"So we will have an area where we'll be able to take people, especially school children with our education program, and take them back in to see our collection, and see some of the items that don't get out on display because they're so fragile and old."

The renovations to the collections room will begin in the new year, and the 14,000 artifacts currently at the museum will need to be catalogued and stored while construction takes place.

Hateley says the bulk of the work will be done in the summer, and will cost about $160,000.