Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools (RDCRS) has nominated St. Patrick’s Community School first-year teacher Kaitlyn McCulloch for the Edwin Parr Award.  

McCulloch teaches Grade 1 to 9 physical education and Grade 8 science.   

“I am very, very excited. Even the fact of being nominated is a big, big privilege and something I don't take lightly. It's a huge privilege and something that I am very, very excited and proud to have received,” McCulloch said. “Edwin Parr is a very prestigious award, and I know being able to even say that you were nominated is a significant thing.”  

McCulloch received her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education at the University of Lethbridge.  

She explained that her teaching style is 100 per cent hands-on learning, as she tries to incorporate as many experiments as possible to engage her students.   

“I try and entice my students to get them eager and excited about their learning. That's something I've really, really enjoyed doing, and it seems that my students actually really love that engagement as well,” McCulloch said.   

She added that her first year of teaching has been amazing, and although there has been a learning curve, other teachers are eager to share tips and tricks with her, and she has learned what works in her classroom and what doesn't.  

“It's been an amazing adventure where I've been able to connect the thoughts of my students, connect with the community, help out with coaching, and engage my students in as many lessons as possible,” McCulloch said. “Helping out with hands-on learning and building that community connection and safe environment for my students to be in.”  

McCulloch explained that there are nerves associated with being a first-year teacher, but she believes that being nominated for the award will build her confidence in teaching.  

“You can have some nerves associated with it and coming into that year and being recognized that what you're doing is working and what you're doing is beneficial to your students sharing in that happiness,” she said.