Rocky Mountain House Town Council is considering building a new civic centre.  

The existing town building is beyond its life expectancy, is not compliant with accessibility building codes, does not have proper evacuation exits in areas, and hazardous building materials exist throughout the facility.  

Council approved the preliminary public engagement plan and survey and reviewed all feedback during the 2023 Service Level Review.  

The survey yielded 290 responses regarding building design and shared space opportunities.  


Main survey themes:  

Certain themes were frequently repeated in the survey responses, including:  

Showcasing Rocky's identity: The building should represent and highlight Rocky’s heritage.  

Cost-consciousness: An emphasis on being financially prudent, with some comments suggesting low-cost upgrades rather than new construction.  

Forward-thinking: Respondents stressed the importance of envisioning the future needs of the community and considering long-term implications and changes.  

Environmental building practices: Green building practices and renewable energy were advocated for.  

Unique and iconic features: A desire for any new infrastructure to be distinctive, iconic, and a point of pride for the community.  

Financial prudence: Respondents mentioned the importance of the project being cost-effective, respecting taxpayers, and suggested the building should be functional, rather than extravagant.   

Timing and economic concerns: Some respondents felt that now is not the right time for a new building.  

Prioritization of functionality: Themes and aesthetics are secondary to the building's functionality and accessibility.  

Direct disagreement: Some respondents did not agree with building a new civic building.   


Building design:  

An appreciation for the existing fur trade and fort theme or incorporating mountain-like designs was expressed in the survey.  

Respondents highlighted the importance of the building serving multiple purposes and expressed the desire for indoor recreational options, such as sports fields, a running track, playgrounds, and shared community spaces including a performing arts space, and municipal offices.   



Lastly, the survey determined top priorities included the cost of the building, planning for future growth and community access, building design, and public seating in the council chambers.   

Council has allocated $50,000 as part of the town’s 2024 approved budget, to hire a consultant to gauge the interest and feasibility of other user groups collaborating on a new civic building.