From the Government of Alberta:

Minister of Finance Travis Toews issued the following statement on collective bargaining negotiations between the Public Service Commission and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees.

“The Public Service Commission has brought a common-sense proposal to the bargaining table that prioritizes service delivery over salary increases for the public sector.

“The proposal aligns with government’s commitment to Albertans to correct Alberta’s overspending problem so available tax dollars can be reinvested into high quality services we all rely on.

“Public sector wages account for more than half of government expenses. The facts are clear across many occupations in the public service: wages are significantly higher than those in other large provinces. Workers also enjoy compensation benefits that are not found in, or significantly more generous than, contracts in other provinces.

“Holding the line on public sector compensation will ensure workers continue to receive competitive wages while showing needed respect to other Albertans who have seen their wages disappear or their jobs lost completely.

“I have said many times that the need to align wages with other large provinces doesn’t diminish our respect for the exceptional work and dedication of public sector workers.

“As we move forward we all must work together for better services and a better future for all Albertans.”

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