Trash to Treasure week is approaching. Every Spring and Fall Lacombe residents can dispose of their unwanted items at the front of their property near the curb with a sign that says ‘free’. Other community members can pick up those free items and reuse them.  

This spring’s Trash to Treasure will begin on May 12th with item collection beginning on May 23rd.  

At the end of the week, the remaining items will be picked up by the City of Lacombe and discarded.   

The City will be taking the following items for collection: 

  • Brush and Wood 

  • Leaves, Sod & Garden Waste  

  • Metal  

  • Appliances including fridge, freezers, AC units, etc.  

  • Furniture 

  • Swing sets and trampolines (dismantled)  

The City will not be accepting the following items: 

  • Unmanageable piles and piles that have not been sorted or separated. (Piles should be sorted with similar items for example wood piles, metal piles, yard waste piles, furniture piles, etc.) 

  • Hazardous waste such as oil, cleaning solutions, paint, antifreeze, aerosols, railway ties, etc.  

  • Construction waste such as drywall, concrete, roofing materials, fence and deck boards, porcelain toilets or sinks, etc.  

  • Cardboard (boxes should be broken down and cardboard should be taken to Wolf Creek Drive recycle site. 

The City’s collection schedule is featured below.  

Image courtesy of the City of Lacombe. Image courtesy of the City of Lacombe.