A lot of people are talking about the challenge this year of finding that Christmas turkey.

Darren Ferrance, Chair of the Turkey Farmers of Canada says the turkey industry was hit hard by avian influenza.

He says they had 46 cases of avian influenza reported in commercial turkey operations, which resulted in the loss of 991 thousand birds.

"In Canada, at the end of November the losses are totalling about 12 and a half million kilograms due to AI, and on the Prairies, that's about 5.6 million kilograms.

Ferrance says despite that they believe that there are enough frozen products still in supply. 

"We're assured by our processors that there's enough there that you will find your turkey for Christmas. You may have to go to a different store. The fresh supplies are the ones that are going to maybe see some localized pressures."

He says producers have always had bio-security protocols in place and those standards will remain.

With winter here the number of AI cases has dropped in the prairies but the AI issue hasn't gone away its just moved on. 

He notes the birds have just moved to other warmer areas like Ontario and lower BC.

You can listen to Glenda-Lee's discussion with Darren by clicking the link below.