All of the Festivals being held in Lacombe are helping put us on the map.

Lacombe Regional Tourism attributes a boost in tourist numbers this year in part due to all the hard work to expand and extend festivals like Lacombe Days and the Culture and Harvest Festival and offer most of the events free of charge.

Marketing and Event Co-ordinator Angel Hand explains what they’ve noticed in terms of visitor numbers this year.

“We are up probably about 20 percent in September alone, which was actually a very busy time for us. This Summer was very comparable and up at least 10 percent.”

Hand says they saw a lot of day trippers stop and spend some time in the City.

“People that were from Edmonton and Calgary kind of going through some of the smaller communities. It was great to hear some of their feedback when they came through Lacombe. They were impressed with our community and its beauty and heritage.”

Hand adds they hope to be just as busy showing off Lacombe for the next few months, then again next year.